Frank X. Brennan

Boise--This photo now hangs in my Den as a reminder of the good ole days at camp. During Wimbledon Mr. Brennan would invite me in and we religiously watched all the matches on WHAG-TV Haggerstown...if something really good was going on he would pull me off the court in the afternoon...usually the last Friday of the fortnight and we would watch the semi finals. We saw BJK in her last singles appearance in 78 and he was choked up, sorry to see her go. She had such a good run...

Coleen Brennan sent me this photo of FXB, I had to post it...this is how we remember the man. Coleen was a pro and pretty much ran the adult week all five years I was at camp...she's a chip off the ole block and still serves as my coach. She is unmatched in matchplay advice!

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