August 28, 1977

Classes have started at ISU. I checked in with the new coach a guy by the name of Marty Holly and while he was open and welcoming he said that I would have to play my way back on the team. I met some of the guys and they're all very good including the number 2 guy, Chip Webber. He's from Redondo Beach and played two years at El Camino Jr. College. I played him and while I was in the match he was too much winning nearly all the ad points. Hes tall, serves and volleys and always holds serve, I cant get around him. I got points off my lob but it was hopeless, I lost 2 and 3 with Holly watching. That might have sealed my fate.

Practice starts on Monday and I have 6 guys to beat, this is going to be rough. I have moved into an apartment off campus. The Halls had a room open and I had the cash so I paid rent for the semester and moved in, its very comfortable and my best friend lives upstairs so its great.
Jim Hall and I played this afternoon at the Reed Gym courts. I won but the guy got good over the summer. Holly was there and said Jim should go out and we could play doubles. Jim is considering it but he's more interested in Journalism and Film school.

I got a letter from FXB and Ill write him about getting back on next summer, I want to come back and I know just about everyone on staff wants to come back, FXB said a few guys wont be back, namely Bobby and Tom. So it goes.

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