Thursday August 4th, 1977

It's still hot and muggy and sleeping was tough last night because the heat was heavy and it pressed on the chest and was hard to breathe. It took a long time to drop off to sleep, we listened to WRCV till after midnight and then fatigue took over. Morning came too early, it was hard getting out of bed...

Mr. B talked about volleys. He had Riley up at the net while Feinberg fed balls and his demo was flawless. The Scotsman hit the ball dead center of his Maxply racquet over and over. The sound of a perfectly hit volley is like nothing I've heard; its music.

FXB lasped into a long talk about BJK and how her volleys changed the women's game. But emphasized that it's not enough to have a volley, one needs the touch and underspin and one must also have the depth. He stressed that BJK rarely hit the same volley, that she even had a volley that she hit down the line that would kicked out sideways on grass. He told the kids to attack the short balls approach deep down the line and success will find you. He also warned the players with the eastern grip that they need to figure something out because an eastern grip at the net is hard to manage and stressed again that the hammer grip is the most practical because you dont have to change grips.

The teaching went well and the kids were into it, it was hot but everyone is used to it. Mr. B had us watch the kids close making sure they're getting all the water they want or need. Today we had just a couple report to the infirmary and one has a cold, so Dr. Prevost thinks we're back on track there.

Just before dinner I stopped by the lounge in Fowle and Jonathan Mudd was there and we sat down and we watched his Dad do the evening news, he was filling in for John Chancelor on NBC news. NBC is high on Roger Mudd and one day he could be the next Chancelor, he's smooth and confident and makes a great network anchor.

After dinner I had gym duty and played basketball. Sanderson was there and we took on these these high schoolers and ended up schooling them in a game of half court...For me it was just a mater of getting the 6 feet 4, Sandy the ball on the inside...It was all passing and positioning. I was also able to shoot from the outside and Sandy rebounded...I dont think we lost a game. Jonahan Mudd and Rober London dropped by and went into his mongo routine and I was laughing hysterically...London also does impressions, he has a killer Clint Eastwood...we have funniest kids this session.

Mr. B. was out in the Hall when I got back and asked me how Terence was doing, I told him that the kid has a 30 or 40 best friends, no problem with him mixing in, hes a natural. We had a storm blow in from the coast tonight, it cooled down and we might get some sleep tonight. Im looking toward the highway from Fowle and can see the lighting heading this winds are blowing I can smell the rain, but its still in the distance.

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