Saturday August 7th, 1977

The week drug by but now it's Saturday morning. Last night a few of the counselors went out after we got the kids to problem. But at 1:45 AM the security guard called Mr. B and woke him up, he reported that Tennis Camp counselors were out singing and raising hell over near Main Hall. It scared the hell out of the Sports Camp. Mr. B was red faced and mad this morning. He got in his car and rounded up the merry makers chasing them back in the stationwagon. But he never got close enough to see who was raising hell.
Sanderson and I were up at 8-am and FXB asked us what we knew about last night. We were both dead asleep by 11:30 so it was news to us. We were immediately taken off the FXB shit list.

Mr. B. then went to Sheridan's room and got him up and I heard lots of yelling, but Sheridan went to bed early too. Most of revelers were from the second floor so Tom went up there and had a meeting. He did a lot of yelling and I still dont have a take on who was out. A few of the gal counselors including Pat Rountree were out but they came back early, so they're not on the list.

At Ford Hall it was somber amongst the counselor ranks, a look around and I could pick out the guilty parties just by the 'hung-over' factor. I sat with Bevin and she asked if I was out last night, I told her that I went to bed early. I dont think she believed me. Mark and I dodged a big bullet!

We had field sports and the pool all lined up for the campers, plus we had the finals of the counselor tennis tournament. All of the guilty were assigned duties, so Sanderson and I had a day off and we went to the courts and played, after lunch we watched Riley take on Vrana in the finals of the counselor tournament. Despite limited mobility, Riley killed Vrana 6-4, 5-7, 6-3. It was an amazing match with Riley coming in off the baseline and cutting off the angles and sending the ball deep into the corners. Every ball was just inches from the baseline...with that kind of ball control it was hard for Tom Vrana to move the Scotsman. Riley never hit a hard serve, and he only hit a few second serves. I didnt see him miss a service return, but Vrana held serve throughout the match. It was fun to watch.

After the match we went to the Quarry again. Word had spread about the naked sirens, the beautiful girls that swim nude in the hidded cove. Sheridan drove and had a car full of anxious counselors but the sirens were gone. There seemed to be a lot toothless types there and the magic of the place evaporated into the air.

We got back just in time to take on the Sports Camp in softball. I played left field and had two singles and a triple. We beat a good team 7-5. Roger had a double, triple and a single. Bobby and Vrana had homeruns while Ken and John had some nice hits as well. All of the campers were there from both camps and there was a lot of cheering. It was one of the funnest things we did all summer.

We had a great dinner and then a camper dance. I helped set up and FXB and I went for ice cream and he was still mad over last night. I dont blame him, it was just a stupid incident.We have just a week to go and its not a good time to get on Mr. B's bad side. He said he wont ask any of the troublemakers back.

Jon Mudd was at the dance and at one point was just sitting there tarding out. I thought I was going to die it was so funny. I danced with Bevin and we talked again. I did mention that she could have said something and pointed out that she was in avoidance mode since the Washington Star tournament. I told her that I wasnt much of a mindreader. Later when I told Mr. B all about our talk and he shook his head and said I should have taken blame for being so dumb, I guess that was the wrong thing to say.

We gathered up the kids and walked back to the dorms, Bevin didnt say much but it was a nice walk, there was a lot of silent conversation going on. It was muggy and the fireflies were out and I cant remember seeing that many stars.


Eileen said...

This reminded me of when I was kicked out of camp. Yes, my own father kicked me out! ;-) Harry Drummond brought another young counselor into the girls dorm late at nite and we (Jan & I) hid them in our room when the head girl counselor was looking for them. We got caught and the next morning my father stood at the top of the stairs of the dining hall and looked at the 4 of us and pointed, "You, you, you and you, out! I want your bags packed, you're on the next bus out of here." Luckily my mother was visiting and she talked him down for Jan and me, but unfortunately Harry and Scott were gone. My father really liked Harry tho, so he brought him back the next year and that's when the romance began - haha! I gave my poor father fits sometimes.

skip schwarzman said...

Harry, poor sod, was unceremoniously dropped off at the side of Route 81, left to pick a direction on the compass and stick out his thumb.

Which is not to say he didn't end up with a great story. I suspect he retold it in pubs many times over.

His extracurricular activities aside, he was a prodigious eater of hot dogs, and one of the most naturally talented players I ever met.

Jake said...

Ei, Skip;
Poor Harry! Did anyone ever hear from him again? The girls dorm was a capitol offense, right next to drinking on campus...but harboring fugitives? OMG!


Eileen said...

Yes, it was 1972 when Harry and Scott were kicked out. I was a camper but roomed w/Jan who was a counselor. I came back the following year as a counselor as did Jan(1973). My father really liked Harry and forgave him his trespasses and brough him back. If I remember correctly my father got him into University of OK and he was going to be a kicker for the football team. I could be imagining this tho I do remember Harry left early from camp that year to go there. I switched my day off w/someone to take him to the airport. My father found out about the switch and was quite serious when he asked me if I was getting on the plane with him!! Hey, I liked him but that thought had never crossed my mind. Harry was a rogue - had a lovely little goodbye and never heard from him again.

rogerd said...

Harry Drummond

Wow havent heard that name in 35 yrs. Was a 13 year old caamper yr he was there. great tennis player and real womanizer (Jake would have given u and brother Bobby run for money)

The stories remind me of my 1st year as counselor in 76. Another Scot (Alan MacDougal) got caught in girls dorum and Mr. B sent him home. Mr B called all of the guy counselors behind the gym and gave us lecture I will never forget. There were rumors of a counselor revolt because i think Alan was actually innocent and covering for guilty party. Dave Adams, HC at time squelched the revolt. To this day, I still dont know what really happened; i was too scared to ask anyone!

Jake said...

I had asked Coleen if she remembered what the big riff was between Mr. B and Alex Mayer, Gene and Sandy's dad?
He started in on a story once about the guy and then he got red faced and was so mad he couldnt finish the story.
Coleen said she knew they didnt get along but he never told her either.
Do you remember?